Stoner Etiquette: 5 Ways To Be Everyone's Favorite Person To Smoke With

    Posted by Ashley Irey on Apr 17, 2016 10:53:41 AM

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    Though there are many, here are five of the basic ways to becoming everyone’s favorite person to smoke with.


    There is a certain unspoken etiquette that goes along with social smoking and a few universal manners that all stoners should know and follow while smoking with others. Most people that are experienced with cannabis have had someone teach them the rules, such as a sibling, a partner or a friend, while some have picked them up along the way. For those of you that have not and are wondering why you stopped getting invited to the smoke sessions, we are here to help!



    Have A Clean Bong/ Piece

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    First impressions are everything, even for your piece. We all know there is nothing better than ripping some dank weed out of a nice, clean bong. The simplest home remedy for cleaning your piece is Alcohol and Salt. This mixture will make your bong look brand new (with the exception of multiple percolator bongs, which may need a more detailed cleaning). Make sure that your piece is ready to impress, no matter what you have in store for it. Whether it is for 4/20, a first date or a just your reward after a long day, you will not be sorry you gave your bong some much needed TLC . 420 Tip: Don’t forget to also clean out your bowl and down-stem for an even cleaner hit!



    Offer Greens (First Hit) to Friends

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    If you load the bowl, offer the first hit to your friend. While most stoners do this as second nature, it is becoming less common these days when meeting new people. One of the best ways to break the ice or show your friends you care is by offering them ‘greens’. Unless you are afraid the pipe won’t get back around to you with a hit in it (which can be the case in larger toke circles), then just be polite. Chances will be you are smoking more than one bowl together anyways, and they should return the favor next round. Plus, the greatest way to show off the bomb weed you just bought is to let them taste a fresh hit! Remember: Cannabis is all about spreading the LOVE!



    Corner the Bowl

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    While hitting a bowl that is intended for multiple people, corner the bowl leaving some greens for others. This basic, unspoken rule requires the most amount of skill. To corner the bowl, hold the lighter to the side of the bowl, instead of directly on top. Gently hit the piece, pulling in the flame from the side, so that you are only lighting the bowl partially. (Be careful of a hot bowl or carb when clearing.) This technique allows one or more people to be able to have a fresh, green hit after the initial person does. For people unfamiliar with this method, it may take a few times to get it right. And in certain situations, like in the wind, it is just impossible. It saves weed in the long run, allowing the bowl to be completely smoked before being cashed out. 420 Tip: Hemp Wicks can make cornering the bowls much easier, avoiding the chance of burning your finger.



    Match Bowls/ Dabs

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    If you know you are going to be smoking a bowl or a dab with friends, make sure to bring some goods with you. If you are low or out, then offer them a few bucks for smoking you up. Even if it isn’t much, or they don’t take it, the thought is what counts. No one wants to feel like they are being used for their weed, so make sure to acknowledge them for it. If they choose to smoke you up without reimbursement, remember that and return the favor next time. A little goes a long way, especially in the stoner community. If you seem to always be the one to smoke others up without return, maybe you should rethink your situation with those particular people. Friendship is a give and take; make sure you are doing both! 



    Don’t Force It

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    Now that cannabis is legal in some states, it is becoming more and more common to encounter smokers and non-smokers. If you find yourself offering marijuana to a person that says ‘No’, accept their refusal and pass it to the next person. It may be exhilarating to get someone high for the first time, but you aren’t sure how his or her body will react. It has already taken courage for the person to refuse what you are offering, so do not make them have to reassure you. It can be as simple as you saying, ‘Are you sure?’ or ‘C’mon’, and some people do this without realizing it. On a first date, at a party or whatever the occasion, don’t be ‘that’ person. If they would rather you not smoke around them, respect their wishes. Some people can sit in on your smoke circle and not partake, and in that case, just be thankful they are cool with it. 



    To Sum It Up

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    Being a stoner comes with many responsibilities. In order to ensure that you are the most polite toker you know, follow these five simple guidelines; have a clean piece, offer greens to friends, corner the bowl, match bowls and don't force it. Before you know it, you will be everyone’s favorite person to smoke with! To stock up on your supplies between smoke sessions, stop by Nature’s Gift Shop to find top quality products at a fair price. We carry everything you need from flower, concentrates, edibles, glass accessories and more.

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